Who We Are (Executive Board)

Mikey Trahan

Mikey is a Senior studying finance in the Ross School of Business. He has loved aviation all of his life and received his pilots license at the youngest possible age of 17. He also holds his tailwheel, aerobatic, complex, and high-performance endorsements. He has gone on flight trips across the country and enjoys flying to new places. Besides the Michigan Aviators, he is also enjoys playing IM Sports.

Adam Burdo
Alumnus Advisor

Adam graduated in April 2017 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is a private pilot, is endorsed to fly complex aircraft, and is currently training for an instrument rating. He enjoys flying Cessna and Piper aircraft and has been flying since 2012. Adam also enjoys working as an Emergency Medical Technician, and he is a PADI certified SCUBA diver.

Kevin Collareno
Alumnus Advisor

Kevin graduated from Michigan in April 2017 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is a Commercial Pilot and holds an Instrument Rating, flying Cirrus, Cessna, and Piper aircraft. He earned a Private Pilot's license on his 17th birthday. Kevin served as President of Michigan Aviators for the 2016-2017 school year.

Ross Piscoran

Hailing from the suburbs of Chicago, Ross is a senior in Aerospace Engineering. He passed his FAA Private Pilot check ride in Summer 2015 and has been flying on simulators since 2007. Aside from loving everything plane related, Ross is also a member of the Michigan Marching Band and BYX.

James Power
Alumnus Advisor

James Power graduated in April 2016 with a Masters in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan. He received his undergraduate degree from the same department in 2015. He has had his pilot's license for more than four years and enjoys flying Cessna 152s and 172s with the Michigan Flyers flying club when he's in Ann Arbor. He has worked in the jet engine industry at both Pratt & Whitney and GE Aviation and has two patents pending in gas turbine thrust reversing systems.

Stevie Triesenberg
Board Member

Stevie is a senior at the University of Michigan studying Computer Science Engineering. She took a discovery flight on a whim last summer and fell in love with aviation! She holds her private pilot's license and instrument rating, and is currently training for her commercial license at Michigan Flyers. Stevie has flown all sorts of airplanes – Cessnas, Archers, Cubs, you name it – but Bonanzas are her favorite. Outside of flying, Stevie can be found playing ping pong in the BBB or studying in a coffee shop.

Fernando Wang
Alumnus Advisor

Fernando is currently a Senior studying User Experience in School of Information. Growing up next to a small commercial airport in China, Fernando always wanted to enter the airline/aviation industry after he graduates from college. Come talk to him, and he would always love to share his passion of flying and give you tips on how to maximize your frequent flyer miles.

Adam Wasserman
Board Member

Adam is a junior from University Park, Maryland, majoring in Aerospace Engineering. He does not have a pilot’s license but plans to get one in the future, as he loves to travel. Outside of the Michigan Aviators, Adam is a lead on the M-Fly Aero Design Team and a member of the Dead Pizza Society.

Joshua Wilhelm
Board Member

Josh is a master's student in Aerospace Engineering. He first soloed at the age of 16, and earned his private pilot certificate at the age of 17. He added an instrument rating in 2016. He flies Cessna 172s.